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11 TikTok Tips for Small Businesses

It's 2021 and the business landscape is like never before. Once upon a time business personnel had to travel to live events to find their demographic, however, that is no longer a primary mode of advertisement. With the rise of the social media era, the process of retaining customers has become refined. In this day and age, TikTok is a mainstream mode of marketing with its ability to exchange information rapidly and target millions of users around the world. The tips provided below will help you to reach a broader audience and grow your small business accordingly.

1. Use text.

Providing text on your TikTok videos is a great way to make them stand out. It will give viewers a quick snapshot of what your video will be about and increase interest in your video. For example, if you post a video with the text “Workout Tips at Home” and a user is searching for help in that aspect, they will be more likely to click on your video.

2. Make high-quality videos.

TikTok flags low quality content so it is important to ensure that your videos are the highest quality possible. You can buy a ring light to improve the lighting or take videos in the daylight. You may also consider buying a high-tech camera or phone as an investment into your business.

3. Use a popular song.

On TikTok you have the option to select a trending song when adding audio which can up the view count of your video. If you do not want the trending song to overpower the video, you can turn down the sound of the trending song and turn up the sound of your original audio. The algorithm will understand that you are utilizing a trending song and promote your video consequently.

4. Use hashtags.

Hashtags work on TikTok just like on Twitter, Instagram and various other social media platforms. They allow users to discover content that interests them and build a community within their niche.

5. Participate in current trends or challenges.

Trends can come and go rather quickly so it is vital that you hop on them as soon as possible. You do not have to abandon your niche with a trend. In fact, you can add your own twist to make the video relevant and fun!

6. Do consistent and regular uploads.

A video has a much higher probability of going viral if it comes from a trusted account. You must be consistent with your posts in order to prove that your account is trustworthy.

7. Respond to comments.

The speed of engagement and variety is significant on TikTok. Therefore, bouts of responses can help a video to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, interacting with your audience can develop loyalty and increase the chances of viewers following your account long-term.

8. Make the videos short.

Short videos of about 10 to 15 seconds will help to increase the watch time of your videos and will show the algorithm that your video is worth a watch. As a result, the algorithm will push your video out to more people.

9. Share TikTok videos to other platforms to direct traffic to your TikTok.

Consider posting your TikTok videos to platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. This can increase the visibility of your TikTok and promote your videos to more users.

10. Make sure content encourages a response.

You want to provoke a response. This may mean posting a controversial, humorous or factual video. There are many ways in which you can approach this! Be creative.

11.Plan ahead.

Do not compromise quality to get videos out quickly! Make a list of video ideas ahead of time and set specific days of the week that you will do them. Having a plan will help with consistency and increase your chances of success at TikTok!

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